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Harvest at Codrington

The 2017 harvest is now complete on our plantations.

A great effort by the farm maintenance, harvesting and distillation teams.

Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil yield on our plantations is higher than the previous year and as always, quality is high and consistent.

Our valued clients will continue to be happy with the knowledge that their TT oil supply is consistent and reliable from our plantations.

Extensive flood damage from the cyclonic conditions this year to some other regional plantations may result in overall tea tree oil supply being lower this year.

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Harvest tea tree plantation

Floods in the Northern Rivers

The recent cyclonic conditions in consequence of tropical Cyclone Debbie dumped over 700mm of rain in a couple of days in April 2017 in the Richmond River catchment area.
Significant flooding occurred in the region and our sympathies go to all those so badly affected by the floods.
Many farms in the region were badly damaged and their crops ruined. That is heart breaking.

As the fields of Tea Tree Trader’s plantations are well drained and slightly raised, little to no flood damage resulted. The tea trees in the plantations were all out of floodwater and now growing well in the sunshine. We look forward to the tea trees producing another good crop for our Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil to be distilled from the July 2017 harvest.

Many of our followers would recall the riverbank plantings of native trees over the last couple of years. These trees are planted to help stabilise the riverbank, restore the riparian vegetation to its original state plus add food and habitat trees for the koala and native bird populations. Many of those trees withstood the flooded river well but we will be out again this year to replace those damaged or missing. It’s an ongoing task but already has shown significant progress.

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the 2016 harvest at Tea Tree Traders

The 2016 harvest is now complete. Across the region the overall production was down around 10% on the previous year. If anything, the previous 2 years had been exceptional crops as the growing periods were blessed with excellent rain plus long periods of sunshine. Perfect for growing.

After the 2016 harvest, good soaking rains and sunshine, have brought on new shoots which are beautiful and lush. The great team of contractors used on the plantations have yet again proven that a strict regime of plant nutrition, pest and weed control delivers a consistent and excellent crop.

It is expected that as the majority of the 2015 crop had been sold industry wide this year’s lower production will see an increase in oil price as demand still runs high.

Not surprisingly the market understands the deleterious consequences of adulterated tea tree oil and our clients insist on buying their tea tree oil which meets with Australian Tea Tree Industry Association (ATTIA) Code Of Practice and is certified Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil.

Our tea tree oil analysis conducted at the Southern Cross University laboratory has shown yet again our tea tree oil maintains a constant and high quality.

Last year we planted native trees along the riverbank adjoining the plantations. Those earlier native plantings have done so well we are about to expand the project further upriver to replace invasive exotic plants with Australian native species from this area. Over the next few weeks we will plant over 500 native plants. A legacy to our future on the property.

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Controlling erosion at Codrington

To control erosion on the riverbank adjoining the tea tree plantation over 500 rainforest trees have just been planted. These trees are native to this region.
Many of these native trees will be ideal habitat for insects and birds that may assist in the natural control of pests and insects on the tea tree plants.
Tea Tree Traders value the land and environment on and around the plantation. Every effort is made to ensure a natural and sustainable environment is made around the tea tree plantations.

Testing of tea tree oil

Adulteration of tea tree oil has been shown to occur in the international tea tree oil market. Testing of tea tree oil evaluates the components and establishes its purity as a natural product.

Our tea tree oil at Tea Tree Traders Codrington is University laboratory tested and it meets all Australian Tea Tree Industry Association code of practice standards for tea tree oil.

After this year’s July harvest our plantations are looking great as the growing season progresses. Growth is lush and this year’s application of natural fertiliser (chicken manure) has been applied. Tea tree plants love their chicken manure!

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Link to IFEAT paper titled “Improved identification methods for Australian tea tree oil” by Jerome Chopard

applying chicken manure to the tea tree plants

applying chicken manure to the tea tree plants

Michael Flanagan reports on the 2014 tea tree plantation harvest.
” the 2014 harvest has commenced in June and will be completed shortly. We had some very good rains in the 4-5 months leading up to harvest. Since December 2013 we have had ideal growing conditions through extended periods of above average sunny and warm days. The distillation shows increased yields from all paddocks and the oil analysis shows excellent quality tea tree oil.
The 2014 harvest on our farms looks like being our best yet.
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Harvesting tea tree oil at Codrington June 2014