Controlling erosion at Codrington

To control erosion on the riverbank adjoining the tea tree plantation over 500 rainforest trees have just been planted. These trees are native to this region.
Many of these native trees will be ideal habitat for insects and birds that may assist in the natural control of pests and insects on the tea tree plants.
Tea Tree Traders value the land and environment on and around the plantation. Every effort is made to ensure a natural and sustainable environment is made around the tea tree plantations.

Tea Tree Update from Codrington

Wonderful rains have fallen on the plantations this May 2015. The tea trees have had a really solid growth period since December 2014. The trees look healthy and have a really good vibrant green tinge with excellent leaf growth.
Now with this rain and anticipated good sunshine for the next couple of months, Paul and Michael, the directors of Tea Tree Traders believe we will have another record harvest and distillation. The harvest is expected to be finished by end of July 2015.

Contact us now if you would like to discuss your Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil needs. All of our tea tree oil is fully compliant with the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association Code of Practice (ATTIA COP) requirements.

All our last season oil has been taken by the market with much of it being long term repeat sales. Tea Tree Traders would like to thank our valued clients for their continued support of our product. We are proud of our product and happy to have satisfied clients. We look forward to another year of meeting your needs.

Testing of tea tree oil

Adulteration of tea tree oil has been shown to occur in the international tea tree oil market. Testing of tea tree oil evaluates the components and establishes its purity as a natural product.

Our tea tree oil at Tea Tree Traders Codrington is University laboratory tested and it meets all Australian Tea Tree Industry Association code of practice standards for tea tree oil.

After this year’s July harvest our plantations are looking great as the growing season progresses. Growth is lush and this year’s application of natural fertiliser (chicken manure) has been applied. Tea tree plants love their chicken manure!

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Link to IFEAT paper titled “Improved identification methods for Australian tea tree oil” by Jerome Chopard

applying chicken manure to the tea tree plants

applying chicken manure to the tea tree plants

Michael Flanagan reports on the 2014 tea tree plantation harvest.
” the 2014 harvest has commenced in June and will be completed shortly. We had some very good rains in the 4-5 months leading up to harvest. Since December 2013 we have had ideal growing conditions through extended periods of above average sunny and warm days. The distillation shows increased yields from all paddocks and the oil analysis shows excellent quality tea tree oil.
The 2014 harvest on our farms looks like being our best yet.
Please contact us for a quote for your Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil needs.”
Harvesting tea tree oil at Codrington June 2014